A Short Guide to the Ideal Fish Oil Dosage

With all the different views, reports, and articles on fish oil dosage, you might feel confused about what you’re supposed to take. Fish oil is famous for its various benefits including: heart health protection, lowered blood pressure, boosted immunity, depression alleviation, and reduced cholesterol levels.

So how can you determine the ideal fish oil dosage for your body? The answer to that question is not a standard formula, but rather an answer tailored to your needs. To consider the needed dosage, you need to determine if and what conditions you currently suffer from.

Like anything in excess, triglycerides can cause heart diseases when high in the body. Their role is transformed from active energy providers and building blocks of human cells to a health hazard. For people suffering from high triglycerides, it is recommended to take between 2000 to 4000 mg each day.

Other conditions such as depression and heart diseases need milder dosages. It is recommended that you take up to 1000 mg if you’re suffering from depression or heart problems RAD 140 testolone review on a regular basis or as per your doctor’s recommendation.

Preventative measures are essential even if you’re leading a disease-free healthy lifestyle. Healthy individuals should take between 500 – 1000 mg per day to guarantee optimum mental performance and enhanced concentration.

It is important to note that different supplements have different percentages of DHA and EPA fatty acids. An ideal fish oil supplement would contain a higher dosage of DHA acid due to its bigger role in protecting our body.

On another note, one should discontinue the recommended dosage if any of the following signs persist: abdominal cramps, excessive belching, and extreme discomfort from bloating or flatulence. You should consult with your health practitioner right away and adjust your fish oil dosage for ideal results.

To sum it up, the ideal fish oil dosage depends on your body’s condition, needs, and lifestyle. The recommended dosage should only be taken as a guideline; it is best to consult with your health practitioner before taking any supplement.