Porcelain Tiles Ideas

Manufacturers now make porcelain tiles in a wide array of styles, from solid colors to wood grains and metallics–and stone that looks nearly identical to natural stone. Porcelain tiles are easy to care for and cost less than many other flooring materials, making them a stylish and desirable choice for homeowners. Bear in mind that most companies have a minimum order, but many will allow you to purchase a single sample tile to try.

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Porcelain tiles that look like natural stone are a popular option. Made to look like honed onyx, marble, and other stones, these tiles are purposely color-variegated to resemble real stone even more closely. If you like the look of random coloring, this might be a good option for you.

They come in a variety of colors, mostly staying around the neutrals of browns to grays and blacks. Even what manufacturers call “pink” or “green” are more like brown with a pink undertone, just like real stone.

One popular stone style is travertine, a natural stone. Travertine tends to be more expensive than porcelain tile, must be sealed and will be harmed by acidic elements like orange juice spills.

Most are rated for commercial or residential use. The tiles come porcelain tiles manufacturer in all varieties of sizes, most commonly in 12-inch squares, though some styles are available in larger sizes.

Porcelain tiles range in price from $1.49 per square foot up to around $4 per square foot.

Metal tiles are available from Daltile in looks such as bronze, copper, titanium and iron, which is a metallic black. These are in either warm tones or cool and are suitable for use in houses, not commercial applications.

The metal tiles have a special granulated finish that requires no abrasive items come into contact with it, or the metal finish will be scraped off. These are available in many sizes, including small mosaics, rectangular accents and 20-inch squares. The tiles are available by special order, with pricing given at the time of inquiry.

Wood grain tiles are an unusual porcelain tile style. These look like wood finish in colors ranging from grey driftwood to aged walnut, with each tile’s color varying to resemble real wood. There are two size options–squares or long rectangles, of different sizes. The tiles are made for residences and may be used on either floors or walls. These special tiles cost between about $4 per square foot to almost $8 per square foot.